Beautiful Disney Princess Inspired Girls White Dresses

Believe us when we say that close to 60% women across the world are fascinated by the beauty, charm and to die for dressing sense of beautiful princesses created by Walt Disney over the course of time. While the fascination has not changed the charm of replicating your very favorite Disney Princess takes an all new height when it comes to dressing your own little daughter for a special occasion.

Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, where your little dove is going to be a flower girl or any other occasion the idea of dressing your girl in gorgeous Disney Princess attire overwhelms every mothers heart with joy and pleasure. So to help you in your quest to find the perfect kind of Disney Princess girls white dresses for your daughter, we have shortlisted some of our personal favorites here:

  1. Cinderella Princess Girls White Dresses

Undoubtedly the most adored Disney Princess of all times is Cinderella and her beautiful ball room dress with the glass footwear is something that every girl has grown up dreaming of wearing someday. This will make an excellent wedding attire option for your girl, especially if the theme of the wedding is Princess wedding. You can add a hue of blues for a magnificent touch.

  1. Snowhite Dress

Now this is one dress that is simple and colorful, yeah you cannot make this one in all white, but it looks amazing if you are getting it done for a colorful birthday celebration or a house warming attire or some kids function you are attending. Make sure you opt for comfortable fabrics and your tailor must be talented enough to create the exact replica.

  1. Belle Princess Dress

For you love of bright yellow, the Belle princess dress with its fluffy bottom makes for a cute attire for your chubby kid. However, in this dress the skirt pattern is the key and needs to be made with precision if you are looking for an exact replica for your daughter.

  1. Mermaid Costume Dress

While the original mermaid dress was in the combination of red and purple, you can always play a bit with colors. This kind of Disney Princess Dress if excellent for a beach wedding. To match with the white tones of wedding, get this girls white dresses uniquely by keeping the tail white and blouse colorful. However, make sure you leave enough room for your kid to walk purple around the tail.

  1. Princess Jasmine Girls White Dresses

This is one Disney princess who has experimented most with different colored costumes, though blue remains her preferred choice, the white in this attire can also never go wrong. Get your daughter a Jasmine inspired costume for fancy dress or a wedding and trust me she will stand completely out of the crowd while giving stiff competition to other princesses.

We have added only 5 here, but there are many more inspirations you can draw from our loved Disney Princesses for girls white dresses for any and every occasion.


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